Vacation with Peace of Mind by Prepping Your HVAC System

Vacation with Peace of Mind by Prepping Your HVAC SystemSummer will be here before you know it, and it’ll be time for that long-awaited annual vacation. You’ll have plenty to do to get organized, but as you scurry about, don’t forget your vacation HVAC prep. And if your HVAC isn’t on your to-do list, it should be.

Why Your HVAC Needs Some Prep Before You Go

Some people think it’s fine just to turn off the air conditioner and leave town, but that isn’t a great idea. A heat wave could descend on the area and raise interior temperatures to level that might damage plants and delicate electronics. Do turn on your air conditioner before you depart, even if you dial the thermostat up a few degrees over normal to ensure it’s not running continuously.

But when you run your air conditioner, you face the possibility of a breakdown. Fortunately, you can take steps to ensure that is less likely to happen.

Keep Your HVAC Running Right While You’re Away

The best thing you can do to ensure efficient operation of your air conditioner is to change the air filter. A clean air filter promotes good air flow — essential for proper cooling and removal of humidity. Good air flow also means you’ll be using less electricity to operate the system, and you’ll save on your bill.

Here are some other tips for HVAC vacation prep.

1. Schedule preventative maintenance. Have your HVAC tech check out your system before you go away, to ensure that any potential problems are addressed, repairs made and parts replaced. Ask the tech to check the condensate drain line, to ensure there’s no home flooding while you’re away.

2. Plan to have someone check on your home to check while you’re away. Ask the friend to make sure the air conditioner is turning on and off and cooling sufficiently.

3. If you’re going to be out of reach, leave the name of your HVAC company with your friend in case of an emergency.

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