How Water Heater Maintenance Affects HVAC

How Water Heater Maintenance Affects HVAC

If your home has forced-air heating and cooling, you probably believe that your gas-fired water heater has no effect on your HVAC. The truth is, these two crucial household systems both impact your comfort and monthly energy bills, so HVAC and water heater maintenance are inter-related and equally important.

Water Heater Maintenance Essentials

As an energy-wise homeowner, you most likely keep your HVAC equipment operating at peak efficiency by scheduling preventive maintenance with a trained technician twice a year. Since your water heater is the second biggest energy consumer in your home, doesn’t it deserve the same commitment to timely maintenance? By tackling the following water heater maintenance tasks regularly, you can avoid wasting energy, prolong the appliance’s service life, and enjoy a ready supply of hot water too:

Test the T&P valve.

This safety device needs to open when required to let off excess pressure and heat. If you find that the valve has seized up, replacing it is critical, because doing so now can prevent a costly tank rupture or hazardous explosion.

Flush out the tank.

When water is heated, some of the dissolved minerals it contains convert into solid sediment particles that sink to floor of the tank. Draining and flushing out the tank once a year is necessary to clear out the accumulated sediment so it doesn’t affect the appliance’s energy efficiency, or cause overheating that permanently damages the water heater.

Examine the anode rod.

This metal rod sits inside the tank to draw corrosion away and protect the water heater. Since it will disintegrate with time, and rust will immediately start attacking the tank, it’s vital to check the state of the rod and replace it before it’s completely eaten away.

Pay attention to exterior corrosion.

Advanced corrosion around the tank seams and connections is often a telltale sign that a water heater will soon start leaking or fail without warning. If your water heater’s exterior is badly rusted, it’s time look into your replacement options.

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