Homes With Pets: HVAC Maintenance

Homes With Pets: HVAC MaintenanceThe HVAC equipment in homes with pets is continually exposed to teeth and claws, dust/dirt brought in from outdoors, and shed fur and dander. If you’re a pet owner, your HVAC system will likely need some extra maintenance to compensate, especially in the summer when the house is closed up and you’re running your air conditioning.

Here are some steps you can take to keep your HVAC pet-friendly and in great condition:

Schedule Professional Maintenance

If you haven’t booked your spring preventive maintenance visit yet, do so now so your technician can tackle inspecting, cleaning and tuning up the equipment before the summer heat and humidity settles in.

Bath and Groom Pets Regularly

Take your pets to the groomer, or bath and brush them often, and you’ll see a decrease in the amount of hair and dander floating around the house. This can help keep your air filter clean too, since there’s less pet debris to get pulled into your HVAC system through the ductwork.

Dust, Vacuum and Mop More Often

Another way to minimize the amount of pet debris that gets into your ductwork and HVAC system is to dust, vacuum and wet mop throughout the house two or three times a week during the cooling season.

Check the Air Filter Frequently

Pet hair and dander that does get drawn into your HVAC through the return grilles should be captured by the air filter. If you neglect to change the filter, though, and it gets clogged with pet debris, restricted airflow can adversely affect your HVAC system. To avoid this, inspect the filter monthly and replace it at the first sign of built-up debris.

Give the Outdoor Unit Some Protection

If your outdoor unit is open to the yard that your pets use regularly, accidental damage and injuries can easily occur. You can minimize the potential risks by cordoning off the unit with a picket or lattice fence, as long as you leave at least a two-foot clearance for good access and airflow.

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