What are the Differences Between HVAC and A/C?

What are the Differences Between HVAC and A/C?HVAC terms usually cause confusion among homeowners. However, knowing some terms and abbreviations can help you understand your system better, discuss any concerns with your HVAC professional easily, and make the best purchase decision when the time comes to replace your heating and cooling equipment.

HVAC vs. A/C: What’s the Difference?

One of the most frequently asked questions is the difference between HVAC and A/C. While you may know these two terms are different, you may be unsure of the exact aspects that separate them. To make things more confusing, builders and contractors may use the abbreviations interchangeably.

HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. A/C stands for the last part of HVAC, which is air conditioning. Therefore, HVAC refers to the system that either heats or cools your home or does both. A/C generally refers to the system that cools your home’s air.

Basic HVAC and A/C Options

Here are some of the most common heating and air conditioning options used by homeowners:

  • Furnaces — For central heat, some homeowners use furnaces. They burn oil, propane, or gas or use electricity to create heat for your home. They can be placed under your home in the basement or crawlspace or outside.
  • Heat pump — This single unit offers both heating and cooling. It can be packaged or split. A packaged unit has the whole heat pump housed in an outdoor metal cabinet whereas in a split unit, the evaporator coil is placed in an indoor enclosure whereas the rest of the unit is placed separately outside.

The basic types of air conditioning systems include:

  • Central A/C — This unit cools your entire home using a split system comprising an indoor coil and outdoor compressor unit.
  • Window A/C — This compactly designed system only cools the room in which it’s installed.

Remember, your ideal type of A/C or HVAC system will be determined by your home’s size and structure as well as your lifestyle. To learn more about HVAC terms or any other HVAC issues, don’t hesitate to contact us at Cool Power. We proudly serve the Long Island area.

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