Essential Spring Storm Preparation for HVAC

Essential Spring Storm Preparation for HVACWith the advent of spring, we’re looking forward to warmer temperatures and flowers bursting into bloom, but the reality in the Long Island area is we will usually have to endure some weather challenges before we experience spring in all its glory. So in the meantime, as you wait for better weather, you may want to spend at least part of your time in storm preparation, including protecting your HVAC. Here are some suggestions.

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season officially begins in spring, on June 1, but is usually of little concern in our region until August. Nevertheless, hurricanes have been arriving earlier and later than usual in coastal areas in recent years, so it pays to be ready. In Nassau County, we’re at risk for damage caused by high winds and coastal flooding. Among your preparations for flooding that could occur any time of the year might be to raise the concrete base on which the outdoor unit of your HVAC season sits. This is an expensive alteration, requiring an HVAC contractor, but may be necessary if your unit is vulnerable to flooding during storms.


Spring thunderstorms are often accompanied by lightning, which can cause a power surge in your home and damage your HVAC system. Whenever a thunderstorm approaches, it’s a good idea to turn off your HVAC system until it passes over.

Wind Damage

Thunderstorms may bring high winds which, though they normally will not be strong enough to affect a sturdy air conditioner condenser, can propel airborne articles into the unit and cause damage. Batten down any lawn furniture, planters or other loose items prior to the arrival of strong storms. Trim limbs that might break off and damage the unit.

General Preparations

Whenever storms threaten, you should be prepared for a power outage. Power outages can occur from lightning, strong winds or damage to power lines. You should have emergency food, batteries and other essential items to get through the period before the power comes back on.

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