Ways to Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit 

Ways to Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit Your outdoor HVAC unit houses vital cooling system components, but you might feel that this unattractive metal box doesn’t enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking for ways to hide the unit from sight, it’s vital to maintain two feet of clearance around it to:

  • Avoid airflow restrictions. Ample airflow over the condenser coil is essential to maximize the system’s energy efficiency, prevent breakdowns and prolong the equipment’s lifespan.
  • Allow easy access. Good access to the unit makes it safer and easier for your HVAC pro to perform yearly maintenance or complete needed repairs.

Creative Ways to Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

There are a wide range of permanent and seasonal options available to block the view of your outdoor unit. Here are four superb ideas to consider:

  • Use lovely lattice. Three framed panels of three-foot high lattice and four matching posts can give you an aesthetically-pleasing visual barrier with ample ventilation. You can go with a colored resin product, or use wood and paint or stain it to match your exterior color scheme.
  • Fence it in. There are lots of different fence designs that provide good airflow, such as one made with staggered-height pickets topped with cute birdhouses, or an open-weave design integrated into decorative stones or old bricks. If you like to upcycle and prefer a more minimalist look, you can create a slatted fence with pallets.
  • Set up a temporary screen. A decorative screen with open carving or one made of bamboo is an attractive solution to hide a bulky HVAC unit, and it doesn’t require installing permanent fence posts. When the weather turns colder, simply fold up the screen and store it in your garden shed or garage until spring.
  • Go for the green. If you want a natural look, plant ornamental grasses or evergreen shrubs that are easy to trim back as they grow. Alternately, create a movable hedge with potted plants of varying heights that you can enjoy indoors during the winter.

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