Should You Consider One of These HVAC Add-Ons?

Should You Consider One of These HVAC Add-Ons?Your HVAC system works hard behind the scenes trying to keep your Long Island home comfortable. If your comfort, indoor air quality and energy bills are suffering, however, your furnace and central air systems may need some help to get the job done properly.

Following are four HVAC add-on systems to consider that can help bridge the gap in your home for optimal comfort and efficiency. Is one of them right for your needs?

Ventilation System

If you like to save energy, your home is probably well insulated and sealed up to stop energy leaks. A well-sealed home envelope improves comfort and saves energy, but it can also create indoor air quality problems due to the lack of ventilation.

A heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) is just the solution for stuffy indoor air. Using your existing ductwork, HRVs allow you to ventilate your home with fresh air no matter the weather conditions outside. A heat exchange box transfers heat energy between stale exhaust air and fresh air intake. It’s a viable solution to removing indoor contaminants that become trapped without substantially increasing your energy bill.

Zoning System

There are so many contributing factors to uneven temperatures in a home that it’s difficult to keep every room just the right temperature. A zoning system solves the problem of hot/cold rooms by giving you control over the amount of conditioned airflow distributed to each zone. Programming a zoning system is made simple with a central control panel so you may heat and cool each zone of your home according to your lifestyle.

Smart Thermostat

One of the smart ways to save energy in your home is using set-back/up hours for temperature settings. Though, it can be a hassle and uncomfortable adjusting the thermostat around the clock. A smart thermostat solves the problem by doing the work for you automatically. Simply program temperature event changes according to your schedule, and manage settings via your smart phone app or even voice-enabled devices.

To add-on better home comfort, indoor air quality and efficiency with one of these HVAC add-on systems, contact us at Cool Power LLC today.

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