Should You Register Your HVAC Products?

Should You Register Your HVAC Products?Buying new HVAC equipment is one of the biggest and most important purchases you can make for your Long Island home, so you want to ensure that your equipment is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the specific equipment brand and/or model you’ve chosen, you’ll need to meet certain manufacturer requirements to have this assurance, and it often includes registering your HVAC products.

Registration Requirements Vary Between HVAC Brands

The warranty that HVAC manufacturers provide for their heating, cooling and ventilation products gives you valuable protection against breakdowns and failures due to factory defects. The importance of registering your HVAC units to keep your coverage intact comes down to the manufacturer:

  • With some brands, neglecting to complete your product registration within a specific timeframe can void your warranty entirely and leave you without any coverage.
  • Other manufacturers will still give you warranty coverage if you forget to register your equipment, but for a shorter period, so it ends up costing you several years of protection.
  • Some leading brands, like Lennox, don’t require registration to honor their standard limited warranty coverage, but they do recommend it. While the specifics vary depending on the equipment type and model, this automatic coverage can give you up to 20 years of protection.
  • Manufacturers who offer an extended limited warranty that provides extra coverage for certain products typically require that you register the equipment within a certain length of time, such as 60–90 days.

What’s Involved in Registering Your HVAC Equipment?

The process for registering new equipment varies between manufacturers: Some include a registration card with the unit’s paperwork that must be filled out and mailed in. With other brands, you can complete the registration right on the manufacturer’s website or over the phone. To make the process hassle-free, just be sure to have your equipment’s model/serial numbers and installation details at hand when registering. Your HVAC pro or equipment manufacturer are your best sources of advice if you have questions about registering your new equipment.

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