Keep it Cool: Best Fans for Your Home

Keep it Cool: Best Fans for Your HomeThe term “fans” can bring an instant image of excited sports enthusiasts, but fans can also be a great energy-saving and comfort-boosting addition to your home. If you’re looking for both these benefits, put thoughts of football and basketball aside and consider these best household fans instead:

Floor Fans

Floor fans can enhance air circulation in almost any room, and there are different types to suit different needs, like oscillating, height-adjustable pedestal fans, barrel or drum fans, and high-velocity tilting floor models for extra powerful air movement. Most floor fans feature multiple speed settings, and some have remote controls. If you have young children, you can choose a fan equipped with a child-safe grille.

Tower Fans

A slim tower fan is an excellent option for creating targeted air movement in any area where floor space is at a premium. Higher-end versions of these oscillating fans offer options like energy-saving settings, automatic timers, and long-range remote controls.

Window Fans

If you’d like to better ventilation in certain rooms in the fall or spring when running the A/C isn’t necessary, consider investing in a moisture-proof window fan that’s designed to fit securely into various size openings. Most models have two side-by-side, multi-speed fans that can operate individually, and some can also switch direction to expel warm indoor air.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans with reversible blades and multiple speeds can help you save energy year-round. In summer, they create cooling air movement, allowing you to raise the thermostat’s temperature setting, In winter, with the blades reversed, they push warm air down as it rises toward the ceilings, letting you lower the setting a few degrees. There are ceiling fans available in a wide range of styles up to 55 inches in size, with optional light kits, and they can operate via remote control, or a standard wall switch. If you want the most efficient ceiling fans, look for Energy Star-qualified models that have met strict energy consumption and airflow output standards.

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