Uneven Cooling Solutions

Uneven Cooling SolutionsUneven cooling means somebody somewhere in the house is usually uncomfortable on a hot day. It may be an overly warm bedroom, a kitchen that doesn’t cool down or a family room that is always above the temperature setting on the thermostat. Though an HVAC system is designed and constructed to provide balanced comfort to all parts of the house, a number of issues can cause uneven cooling in particular rooms or areas.

Here’s a rundown of possible problems and potential solutions:

Low Airflow

If the system airflow measured in cubic feet per minute is below specs, insufficient cool air may reach certain rooms—especially those located furthest from the central air conditioner air handler and blower. The most common cause of low airflow is a dirty or clogged system air filter. The filter should be changed every month during the cooling season to maintain proper airflow. Other airflow-related issues could include a worn-out blower fan that doesn’t provide enough air circulation.

Ductwork Issues

Residential ductwork often becomes leaky as years pass. Cool air may leak from deteriorated duct joints or, in some cases, spans of ductwork may disconnect entirely. Rooms or entire areas of the house served by affected ducts will not receive sufficient cool airflow. Damper doors that control air volume inside ducts may also play a role. Over time, these doors may work loose and close, gradually shutting off cool air to certain rooms. A duct pressure test and inspection by a professional HVAC service technician can pinpoint causes of duct leakage.

Air Infiltration

Hot outdoor air infiltrating into particular rooms may raise the temperature and result in uneven cooling in those areas. Air infiltration may occur around windows and doors due to worn weatherstripping, or through small cracks and gaps that develop in wall joints and need to be sealed with caulking. The ceiling is another source. Heat infiltration from a hot attic can be caused by small openings in the ceiling, such as around recessed light fixtures, or by inadequate attic insulation.

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