3 Ways to Love Your HVAC System

3 Ways to Love Your HVAC SystemYour HVAC system works hard year round so you and your family have a comfortable home whether it’s freezing cold or hot and muggy outside. Since February is the month when we traditionally demonstrate our feelings, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your HVAC system some love.

Here are three ways to love your HVAC and show your comfort system the appreciation it deserves:

Let Your HVAC System Get to Know You

Installing a smart thermostat can give your HVAC system an easy way to get to know you. This kind of innovative control memorizes the programming adjustments you make to learn your comfort preferences and then makes the changes on its own. A learning thermostat not only provides ultra-convenient comfort control, but it can help you save as much as 10 percent on your energy bills when it gets in the habit of setting back the temperature 7 to 10 degrees at night, or during the day when you’re normally away at work.

Make a Date for Preventive Maintenance

Introducing your HVAC equipment to a skilled service technician is a great way to show you really care. When you’re matchmaking, choose a technician with NATE certification who has the training and experience to treat your equipment right. Once you’ve made the initial introduction, set up a semi-annual date so your technician can inspect and tune up your HVAC system regularly so it stays in tip-top condition.

Give Your System the Gift of Good Airflow

Instead of expensive chocolates, your HVAC system craves good airflow, and it will work more efficiently and reliably if you give it what it needs by:

  • Inspecting and replacing the air filter regularly, because a clogged filter chokes the system.
  • Getting your accessible ductwork sealed to limit air losses through leaks and gaps.
  • Making sure your supply registers stay open and that the return grilles are always unobstructed.
  • Having your HVAC pro assess whether the system’s airflow is in balance and making any necessary adjustments.

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