HVAC Maintenance: End of Winter Checklist

HVAC Maintenance: End of Winter ChecklistYour HVAC system has worked hard for you all winter long to keep your home warm. It’s going to need some care before you shut it down for the winter and prepare your A/C for summer. So, if you are searching for an end of winter maintenance checklist, you’ve landed on the right page!

Clean Vents and Grilles

With your furnace running all winter, you are bound to have dust and dirt buildup on the air-supply vents and the air-return grilles. It’s important to keep these devices clean to promote free airflow and minimize airborne dust, allergens and germs. Additionally, make sure all air vents and interior doors stay open. Contrary to popular belief, closing doors or air vents doesn’t save energy.

Furnace Filter

One of the most important tasks on your end of winter maintenance checklist is changing the furnace filter. A dirty and clogged filter makes the blower motor work harder, which increases energy usage and can cause it to break down. Maintain regular filter changes through the cooling months.

Air Ducts

If you are experiencing uneven heating, you should have the air ducts inspected. Leaks in air ducts are a common issue that not only make it difficult to keep your home comfortable, leaks contribute to higher energy bills and poor indoor air quality.

Prep Your A/C

A common configuration for HVAC systems is for the A/C coil to be located by the furnace blower. This means that all winter long, dust from heated airflow have settled on the coil. If the coil isn’t properly cleaned, it loses cooling efficiency and places excessive wear on the blower.

The outdoor unit of your A/C system will generally be located next to the foundation or on the rooftop. Rooftop units should only be serviced by your HVAC professional for safety reasons. If your outdoor unit is on the ground, make sure the area around the unit is free of clutter and obstructions that could block airflow.

This end of winter maintenance checklist isn’t a replacement for professional maintenance. To schedule service for your HVAC system, contact Cool Power today!

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “TeroVesalainen/Pixabay”