HVAC New Year’s Resolutions You Should Adopt

4 Must-Do HVAC Maintenance Tasks in the New Year
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After ringing in the new year, many people turn to making resolutions that will improve their life and health. This year, add some HVAC resolutions that will make your heating and cooling systems work better. These resolutions can help ensure a more comfortable indoor environment while reducing energy usage and saving money.

Get regular maintenance

Preventive maintenance is critical to keeping your heating and cooling systems working properly. A properly maintained system will also last longer and will be less likely to break down. Resolve to call your local trusted HVAC specialist for a maintenance appointment at least once a year. Heating systems should be checked out in the fall and cooling systems in the spring.

Change air filters monthly

Air filters trap and hold particulates such as dust, pollen, dander, and fibers. By removing these pollutants, they keep your indoor air cleaner and fresher. Make the resolution to check your filters at least once a month, or more often if your indoor air tends to contain a lot of particulates. Change filters when they get dirty.

Seal air leaks

Air leaks in your home’s walls, ceilings, attic, or floors can let warm air escape in the winter and cool air escape in the summer. Any cracks, gaps, holes, or openings should be sealed with caulking or other appropriate material. Gaps around doorframes and around glass panes in doors and windows should also be sealed.

Check the ductwork

If the ductwork of your HVAC system has serious leaks, conditioned air will be lost before it can get inside your home. Have your HVAC pro check your ductwork to ensure all sections fit tightly together. Each connection should also be sealed with mastic, a specialized duct sealant, or with metal tape. Avoid using standard duct tape since the adhesive can dry out over time, breaking the seal and letting the tape fall away.

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