Why is Air Balancing Important?

Why is Air Balancing Important?Professional air balancing can restore comfort and efficiency to your home. An “unbalanced” house refers to a home where heated or cooled air circulation is inconsistent and air pressure is not properly proportional. The result is an inevitable decline of indoor comfort and temperature control along with increased monthly energy costs.

Why Proper Air Balancing is Important

  • Rooms furthest from the central furnace or A/C in an unbalanced house may receive less heated or cooled air volume than rooms closer to the central components, making these living spaces stubbornly chilly or hot. Thermostat adjustments made to compensate are often ineffective and only result in making the whole house less comfortable, as well as increasing HVAC operating costs.
  • When air volume flowing into and out of rooms through supply and return ducts is unbalanced, air pressure inside the house may tip into the negative range. Outdoor air is naturally drawn into a depressurized structure to equalize air pressure by infiltrating through small gaps as well as around doors and windows. This influx of unconditioned outside air destabilizes indoor temperatures, causing the HVAC system to run longer to meet thermostat settings and boosting energy bills. Depressurization also brings in outdoor allergens and airborne particulates that degrade indoor air quality.
  • Proper venting of hazardous fumes from the furnace, water heater and other gas-fired appliances requires proper indoor air balance. If the house is unbalanced, backdrafting may occur where these fumes are drawn back into living spaces.

A Balanced House

Restoring balance to an HVAC system requires the specialized equipment and expertise of a qualified HVAC field technician. After measuring the air volume flowing into each room, the technician can balance airflow in the supply ducts by adjusting internal dampers inside the ductwork. A balanced house should have equal airflow to all rooms as well as slightly positive air pressure inside the house. Other issues that impact airflow such as excessive duct leakage can be identified in the balancing process and resolved by sealing and repairing the system.

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