5 HVAC Installation Mistakes and How They Cost You

5 HVAC Installation Mistakes and How They Cost YouA new HVAC system requires a sizeable investment, and in order to get the most from it, the HVAC installation itself matters as much as the equipment you choose. Before going forward, watch for these pitfalls during the selection and installation process.

1. Not choosing a licensed contractor.

Selecting an unlicensed contractor to install your new HVAC system may be cheaper in the short term, but over time, it will cost. You could lose warranty coverage, or the contractor may not have insurance or bonding. Always check their licenses and insurance policies before hiring them.

2. Installing the wrong size.

Insist that the contractor conduct a load calculation as the first step to select the equipment. The process uses software called Manual J and it involves a thorough evaluation of the structure’s energy efficiency, its size, your family characteristics and temperature preferences.

Without a load calculation, the new system could be too big or small, resulting in higher energy and repair bills and a shorter system lifetime.

3. Neglecting the ductwork.

The ductwork should be assessed during the HVAC sizing process for size and condition. The existing ductwork should be carefully inspected and all its leaks sealed during the HVAC installation.

Ducts that are too small are noisy and oversized ducts won’t have enough air pressure to evenly distribute the conditioned air, which will raise your energy bills.

4. Venting it incorrectly.

A combustion furnace needs to be carefully vented so that the exhaust gases vent properly to the outdoors to prevent lethal carbon monoxide (CO) and other noxious gas exposure. Ask the contractor to test the new system using CO meters.

5. Bad drainage.

HVAC systems that include air conditioners must have a condensate line to drain water. If it isn’t carefully installed, it may cause flooding and the damage to your home can be extensive and costly. The contractor should test its drainage slope and make sure the pipe fittings are tight after installation.

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