Does Sleeping Temperature Affect Your Health?

Does Sleeping Temperature Affect Your Health?Winters tend to be long and cold here, and that can make for some frigid nights. But whatever you do, don’t think you have to maintain your home’s daytime temperature while you’re sleeping. In fact, research shows trying to do so could have an adverse effect on your sleep and your health.

Here’s how setting the right sleeping temperature could help you get a good night’s sleep and boost your health:

Best Sleeping Temperature

Some people are surprised to find a toasty room and a temperature in the 70s-80s does not make for a good night’s sleep. Sleep researchers have found that most people sleep best when temperatures are in the 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit range. Any more than that, and you may toss and turn. Any less, and you could shiver yourself to wakefulness.

The reason our bodies prefer cooler nighttime temperatures is because we start cooling down when we’re ready for sleep. Lowering the thermostat actually helps lower our body temperatures to where they need to be. This in turn promotes production of the hormone melatonin, which helps us fall asleep and achieve that restorative stage called REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep has been proven to be essential for good health.

Preparing for a Good Night’s Sleep

Part of your nightly ritual should be to set the thermostat down prior to sleep. If you’re concerned that your feet might get cold, you can wear socks or use a hot water bottle.

If you don’t have a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat, you might consider upgrading. That way, you can set the ideal temperature for falling asleep once, and not have to bother adjusting it.

Some additional tips for good sleep:

  • Turn out all the lights.
  • Turn off all electronic devices. Avoid looking at them for at least an hour prior to bedtime.
  • Get a comfortable mattress that supports your body.
  • Avoid alcohol, sweets and other snacks prior to going to bed.

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