Air Pollutants: The Journey Indoors

Air Pollutants: The Journey IndoorsKeeping your home’s air fresh and clean can be a continual struggle against common airborne pollutants. Pollen, dust, fibers, and other particulates can easily make their way into your home. When you know where these pollutants come from, however, it’s easier to prevent or reduce their presence.

Here are some of the more common ways air pollutants get into your home:

Through Open Windows and Doors

Any sort of pollutant in the outside air can get into your home through open windows and doors. The common advice seems contradictory: open your windows to increase ventilation, but then deal with additional pollutants coming inside. The key is to recognize when it’s a good idea to open windows and when to keep them closed.

If you notice high levels of dust, smoke, pollen, or other material in your outside air, keep the windows closed. Pollen counts tend to be higher in the morning, so leave windows closed during this time. Open windows when the outdoor air is clear, later in the day, and when there are breezes.

On Clothing

Pollen, dust, dirt, and particulates can easily be carried into your home on your clothing. When you take off a coat or jacket, for example, the pollutants are dislodged and can float off into your indoor air.

Odors, such as those of smoke or vehicle exhaust, can also be brought indoors via clothing. Reduce these pollutants by brushing off your clothes at the entry to your home before coming in. If you have a mudroom or foyer, use it for cleaning pollutants off clothing.

On Pets

When your pets go outside, they often run through weeds, roll in leaves and grass, and otherwise expose themselves to many sorts of pollutants. They bring these pollutants into your home on their fur. To limit the pollutants coming inside, brush pets before you let them back inside the house.

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