Selling a Home: HVAC Responsibilities

Selling a Home: HVAC ResponsibilitiesWhen selling a home, don’t forget one of the biggest investments in the house: the HVAC system.

The condition of the furnace and air conditioner can add to value and buyer-appeal to the property. On the other hand, a potential buyer may look elsewhere is faced with the expense of repairing or replacing a neglected, outmoded system.

As the seller, it’s in your best interest to make certain the system is in prime condition for new residents. Here are some HVAC-related matters to take care of before and after selling a home:

Get a Home Inspection

Most pre-sale home inspections include an examination and test of the heating and cooling system. Therefore, make sure the furnace and A/C are in optimum condition. Replace the air filter. Check to ensure that both systems cycle on and off properly and blow conditioned air at the proper temperature.

Schedule an HVAC Inspection

Schedule an annual inspection and service by a qualified HVAC technician when you put the house on the market. This list of manufacturer-recommended preventive maintenance procedures restores full performance and safe operation, as well as detecting any wear and tear issues that need to be resolved before prospective buyers evaluate the system.

Test the Ductwork

HVAC ductwork is normally unseen, routed through the attic, crawl space and inside wall voids. However, in the process of selling a home or a pre-sale inspection, the condition of the ducts will likely receive careful scrutiny. As the seller, it may be in your interest to have the ducts tested for leakage now. A professional HVAC contractor can discuss sealing options to return ductwork to current standards. This can be another attractive selling point when you market the house.

Have the Right Documentation

When the house is sold, the HVAC warranty may be transferable to the new owners. Make sure they receive all necessary documents relating to the system. If you’ve kept up with annual preventive maintenance required by terms of most HVAC warranties, also pass on a written record of that service.

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