Radiant Floor Heating: Installation and Considerations

Radiant Floor Heating: Installation and ConsiderationsRadiant floor heating provides a gentle, enveloping warmth that’s perfect for keeping comfortable in the Long Island area’s cool fall weather. While there are plenty of advantages to this heating system, there are a few things to consider before you decide to have one installed.

Is Radiant Floor Heating Right for You?

Underfloor heating is easiest to install during the construction process before the floor is complete. It’s possible to retrofit this heating system, but that requires tearing out the floor, which adds to the cost of installation.

Radiant flooring works best in rooms with a floor covering that conducts heat well, such as tile, stone, concrete or engineered wood. You can use other floor coverings, but they’ll often give you less than optimal results. Carpeting prevents the heat from transferring effectively, so you won’t get as much warmth as you should. Solid hardwood and linoleum are subject to warping and other damage from heat.

Know Your Options

If your home already has a boiler, a hydronic radiant flooring system is usually the ideal option. These systems use tubing under the floor to circulate hot water that heats to room. They’re the most energy efficient design, so they’re well suited to heating large spaces, whether that’s your living room or your whole house. Installing a boiler specifically for the floor heating system is also an option, although it will increase your total installation costs.

For homes without a boiler, an electric underfloor heating system is the most practical choice. These systems use electric coils wrapped in sheets of polymer to heat the floor. They’re more expensive to run than hydronic systems, so they’re best confined to smaller areas, such as the bathroom. Air-heated systems are also available, but they’re the least efficient of all.

A radiant floor heating system will let you enjoy warm floors and even, all-over heating even in the coldest winters, but if you’re considering having one installed, do your research to be sure you understand the requirements and your options.

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