How to Determine Your Long Island Home’s HVAC Needs

How to Determine Your Long Island Home's HVAC NeedsAll too often when faced with replacing an HVAC system, homeowners find themselves with a new system that isn’t sized right for their house. This is one of the main reasons the HVAC doesn’t cool or heat adequately or achieve maximum efficiency.

Most often, the system is sized two to four times larger than it needs to be. This results in short cycling, or the system turning on and off, and causes unnecessary wear and tear on the parts. By contrast, a system that is sized too small will run continuously, wasting energy, wearing out parts, and never achieving a comfortable temperature.

So what’s the best way of determining your home’s HVAC needs?

Sizing an HVAC System

Not too long ago, the proper size of an HVAC system was determined by square footage of the home alone. Nowadays, HVAC experts have recognized that a lot of other factors play into how a system should be sized, such as these:

  • Number of people usually occupying the house
  • Height of ceilings
  • Level of activity in the home
  • Direction the home faces
  • Insulation levels
  • Number of windows
  • Climate

There are many other factors that a conscientious HVAC consultant will take under consideration when determining the capacity of your air conditioning and heating systems. There are also some very generalized ways of estimating what size you need. However, for the very best results, you need to hire a consultant who will determine the size of your system by using industry software.

Manuals J, S and D

Once your consultant has gathered the above information about your home, the specifications can be fed to a computer using Manuals J, S and D. These manuals are designed to do the following:

  • Manual J: Determines your home’s heating/cooling load.
  • Manual D: Determines duct system design.
  • Manual S: Determines size of the equipment.

For best results, consultants should use all three of these programs, to provide an all-round picture of the home’s heating and cooling needs.

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