Ideal Thermostat Settings for Fall Vacations

Ideal Thermostat Settings for Fall VacationsAs fall arrives, you’ve decided to take a vacation. You’ve put your mail on hold and found someone to feed the family pets. But have you done anything about your HVAC system? If it continues heating or cooling an empty house, you’ll waste energy. Here are some ideal thermostat settings while you’re away:

Summer Settings

If your vacation is scheduled during the beginning of fall, then your thermostat is probably still set for summer weather. In that case, you’ll want to turn it up four degrees while you’re out of town. So, a setting of 70 degrees would go up to 74.

Some say that this isn’t enough, suggesting you set the thermostat to a flat 85 instead. However, if you turn it up too much, you could come home to a house that’s too hot, and all the money you saved on energy while you were away will be used to cool it back down once you return.

Additionally, there’s the issue of pets. If you’ve left your pets at home and asked someone to drop by to feed them every day, rather than boarding them somewhere, then you need to consider their comfort while you’re gone. You don’t want the house too hot for them. And finally, if it gets too hot and humid while you’re away, it could actually damage the walls of your home. So stick to just four degrees, and you’ll be in good shape.

Winter Settings

If you’re going away towards the end of fall, then you may have already switched your thermostat settings for the winter. In that case, the same rules apply, but set it four degrees lower, rather than higher.

If you have a programmable thermostat, then there’s likely a “Vacation” setting. Put it in that mode, telling it the temperature you want and how long you’ll be gone, and you won’t waste energy while you’re gone.

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