How Smart Homes Save You Money in the Long Run

How Smart Homes Save You Money in the Long RunWhen you think of a smart home, you probably imagine a sci-fi scenario, with a big central computer catering to your every need. However, there are other ways for a home to be smart, like by saving energy, without sacrificing comfort. Here are a few smart home savings possibilities you can explore in your household:


In any home, there will often be significant temperature disparity between rooms. That’s because the whole house is heated or cooled based on the reading of the thermostat in a single room. A zoning system, however, puts several thermostats in different areas around your house, sending heating or cooling to each zone only as needed. This lets everyone be comfortable, without wasting energy sending excess air to rooms that are already too hot or too cold.

Motion sensors

Lighting costs account for 25 percent of your electric bill. Forgetting to turn the lights off when you leave a room can make things even worse. So try attaching the lights to motion sensors. They turn on automatically when you enter the room, and turn off automatically when you leave. This can cut your lighting costs by up to 50 percent.

Smart thermostat

Leaving your HVAC system running when you’re not home wastes tremendous amounts of energy. A smart thermostat helps you avoid that. You can program different temperatures for different times of day, in order to stay comfortable when you’re at home, without heating or cooling an empty house while you’re at work.

Smart appliances

A great source of smart home savings is your appliances. Smart washers and dryers can let you know the best time to put your laundry in to save energy. Smart ovens let you monitor your food from a distance and turn off automatically when it’s done. And smart refrigerators let you view on your phone what food you have, so you don’t have to hold the door open for ages to check.

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