Where Your HVAC is Placed Matters

Where Your HVAC is Placed MattersIt’s important to determine optimum HVAC placement before you install a new air conditioning system. While the position of the furnace and the indoor A/C evaporator coil/air handler will be influenced by venting requirements as well as the layout of household ductwork, locating the outdoor half of the central air conditioner imposes special considerations.

The outdoor unit incorporates the A/C condenser coil, fan and the system compressor. Its function is to disperse heat extracted from within the house into outdoor air. The fan draws fresh air in through side vents, channels the air through the condenser coil passages, then exhausts heated air out the fan grille atop the unit.

Where Not To Put The Condenser Unit

Experts advise against locating an A/C condenser inside the house in an attic or basement, for example. By design, the unit emits heat which radiates through the ceiling or floor, adding warmth to living spaces of the house. This works against the cooling function of the air conditioner and causes the A/C to run longer cycles to compensate, reducing energy efficiency, raising operating costs and increasing system wear and tear. The cubic feet per minute of air volume required by the condenser fan incorporated is also excessive for any enclosed indoor space.

The Best Outdoor Location

Because the condenser is designed to release considerable BTUs of heat in exhausted air, locate the outdoor unit in the coolest, shaded spot behind or to one side of the house with clear space on all sides. Here are two good reasons why:

  • Heat transfers more efficiently from a hot source such as the condenser coil when the surrounding air is cooler. Therefore, a shaded location provides more effective heat dispersal.
  • Ample open space around the unit also provides sufficient air volume for optimum heat dispersal. In addition, this airflow ensures that the large compressor motor is properly cooled. This reduces compressor wear and extends service life—an important aspect because the compressor is typically the most expensive component in a central A/C.

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