How HOA Affects Your HVAC

How HOA Affects Your HVACIf you belong to a Homeowners Association, particularly for a condo, there are certain rules and regulations you have to abide by. You probably think of it affecting things like what kind of work you’re allowed to do on your unit, but in fact, the agreement can dictate a number of different aspects of your living space – including your HVAC system. Here are some HVAC requirements you may encounter in your HOA:

Maintenance Agreement

Your HOA may have a maintenance agreement, for the association to make certain repairs as necessary. The agreement may include things like pipes and plumbing, as well as ductwork and central air, which are shared by everyone in the complex. What kind of repairs and when they’re done depends on the kind of maintenance agreement you have. There are three basic types:

Reactive maintenance

This type of agreement states that the HOA will fix things when they break. So if your ducts are leaking and you’re not getting enough air to your place, they’ll send someone to patch it up and restore your airflow.

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance involves regular inspections of your property to spot problems and fix them before they inconvenience you. For your HVAC system, this means a twice annual tuneup (once for the A/C, once for the furnace) to do things like checking your coolant, oiling the motor, and ensuring the system is operating at full efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

This involves keeping regular maintenance logs of each inspection and any pertinent information that could aid in diagnosing and repairing issues, including warranty information, history of needs and repairs for each unit, and more. Using this information allows the HOA to stay ahead of the game when it comes to HVAC requirements and include expected repairs in the budget. It can also allow them to gauge when an HVAC unit needs to be replaced (based on its age, issues it’s having, etc.) and do so before it breaks down.

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