How Seasons Changing Affects Your HVAC System

How Seasons Changing Affects Your HVAC SystemWhenever the seasons start to change we can find ourselves torn between running the air conditioner one minute and the heating the next. You may have wondered if it will damage your HVAC system to run both systems within a short time of each other. Generally speaking, there’s no harm in running the air conditioner in the daytime and the furnace at night if needed, or vice versa, during the transitioning seasons.

However, it’s always best to turn off your air conditioner for at least five minutes to allow the refrigerant pressure to equalize before you turn it back on or before you reset the thermostat. Otherwise,it could start short cycling. Short cycling can result in a blown fuse and damage to the HVAC.

There are a few other things to be mindful of when you’re transitioning seasons. Follow these tips for best operation of your HVAC system:

1. Change the filter. Fall is a great time to change your air filter, particularly if you’re not regularly in the habit of doing so. A clean filter will help your system run more efficiently.

2. Clean the vents and grilles. Unless you suspect your ductwork has mold or an infestation of vermin, you probably don’t need to have them cleaned that often. However, it is a good idea to vacuum vents and grilles to get rid of dust bunnies, hair and lint.

3. Clear obstructions. Check your vents for obstructions, such as carpet, drapes and furniture, that might be impeding air flow. Your furnace can’t heat effectively if vents are blocked.

4. Make sure dampers are open. Closed dampers will cause a pressure imbalance and the system will run inefficiently.

5. Schedule fall HVAC maintenance. Call your HVAC pro to inspect your furnace. Your tech should look at burners, heat exchanger, air handler, pilot or ignition system, thermostat settings, controls and condensate drain.

6. Install or inspect carbon monoxide detectors.

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