Your Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Your Fall HVAC Maintenance ChecklistIt’s hard to believe but it won’t be long till summer is winding down and we’re once again getting ready for fall and winter. No doubt you have your annual fall maintenance routine, but do you normally include the HVAC on your list of must-dos? If not, you probably should. A little maintenance can ensure that your system keeps running smoothly throughout the winter, with minimal problems.

Your Fall HVAC Maintenance List

1. Most likely you won’t need your air conditioner again until next year, so why not perform a little maintenance around the outdoor condenser unit? Clear all leaves and other debris away from the unit; also clear away fallen branches, weeds or anything else.

2. Some homeowners choose to wrap their condensers up for the winter to keep out falling debris and snow, but be mindful that if it’s wrapped up tightly, rodents may find it a suitable habitat for nesting. Rodents typically can cause major damage to condensers. Generally, unless you’re concerned about snow falling inside the unit, and subsequently melting and refreezing, it’s best just to leave it open, or else cover the top with a plywood board, making sure it’s secure so it doesn’t blow around in a storm.

3. Fall is a good time to check all the exhaust pipes, flues and chimneys on the top of the house, to make sure they are clear of debris and birds’ nests.

4. Schedule fall maintenance for your furnace. Maintaining your furnace is not just important to ensure that it is performing efficiently and will keep you warm, but also to ensure that is running safely. Any equipment powered by combustion should be regularly checked and maintained so your family is protected against carbon monoxide fumes. Fall maintenance should include an inspection of burners, ignition, heat exchanger, thermostat, ductwork, controls and vents. And don’t forget to change the air filter.

5. Check carbon monoxide monitors to ensure they are working properly.

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