Best Kitchen Ventilation

Best Kitchen VentilationUndertaking a kitchen remodel may be one of the most daunting projects as a homeowner. As you pick the styles, colors and appliances, don’t neglect the kitchen ventilation. Planning ahead for it saves a lot of hassle during the process and makes the new kitchen more enjoyable and healthier afterwards.

Of all the rooms in your home where ventilation is important, the kitchen tops the list. Heat, smoke, steam and odors emanate from the kitchen, and the ventilation fan’s job is to pull them out.

Tips for Choosing the Best Fan

  • Look for existing ductwork. If your current fan is ducted outdoors, the ducts could go up through the ceiling or exit through a wall. If your fan doesn’t duct outdoors, add to the budget for running ducts outdoors for the new fan. Unvented kitchen fans don’t remove any harmful gases and aren’t that effective at destroying odors.
  • Pick the type. Besides downdraft fans, options include wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted chimney. If the range will sit on an exterior wall, it makes sense to go with the former. If placed on an island, the ceiling-mounted type will pull gases from the range up and out.
  • Size it. The range hood should be as wide as the range, and it should reach at least 50 percent of the front burners.


When you’re doing a complete kitchen remodel, your contractor will probably use an HVAC expert to run the ductwork out the wall or through the roof. When discussing the kitchen ventilation, verify that the duct will extend through the roof.

Venting a fan inside the attic increases its humidity and temperature year-round. In the winter, a warm, damp attic sets the stage for destructive ice dam formation. Excess humidity in the summer promotes mold growth on the insulation, the attic’s structural wood, and items you store inside it.

Besides being a significant investment that will enhance your home’s livability, incorporating effective kitchen ventilation into your project increases the air quality throughout your home. To learn more, contact Cool Power, LLC, providing trusted HVAC services for Long Island homeowners.

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