Training Your Pets to Treat In-Home Service Workers Well

Training Your Pets to Treat In-Home Service Workers WellWhen you need repairs or maintenance done on your HVAC system, it’s important to make sure your pets are prepared to have strangers in your Long Island home. Before your scheduled appointment, take these steps to get ready:

Put Pets in a Different Room

If possible, have them stay in a closed room while your HVAC technician is at your home. This helps prevent cats and dogs from running out of your home when the front door opens and closes. If you have dogs who are used to being crated, consider having them stay in a crate until the technician is done. If not, you’ll need to get your dogs used to having someone new at your home.

Keep Treats Handy

Forming a positive association with having a service technician in your home can help dogs stay calm. Before the technician arrives, make sure you have plenty of treats handy. Have your dogs sit when the technician comes in, then give them a treat if they listen. Ask the technician to let your dogs sniff their hand, then give them another treat if they stay calm while doing so.

Teach Pets Not to Jump

If you have dogs who tend to jump on people when they’re excited, train them to sit instead. Turn your back on your dogs when they jump, so that you’re not rewarding them with attention. When they sit on command rather than jump, reward them with praise and treats. They should learn to avoid jumping on people, but keep in mind that you’ll need to be patient with them.

Use Leashes if Needed

If your dogs won’t stay calm or if they keep jumping on people, consider keeping them on leashes while the HVAC technician is at your home. This lowers the risk of having them accidentally injure the technician and gives you more control over how they behave. If they settle down and sit, give them a treat as a reward.

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