Troubleshooting: Thermostat Going Off Schedule

Troubleshooting: Thermostat Going Off ScheduleHave you ever felt that the reading on your thermostat is not matching up with what’s going on with your home’s temperature? Yes, it may be the thermostat is just conking out and it’s time for a replacement. But in general, when a thermostat doesn’t seem to be getting the right results from the air conditioning and heating system, something else is amiss.

For instance: You set the air conditioner for 76, normally a comfortable temperature for your home in the summer. But suddenly, the home starts feeling way too warm, and yet the system cuts off at the usual 75 degrees, clicking back on when the interior temperature reaches 77. So what gives? Let’s just say that for whatever reason — leaky plumbing, additional people taking long showers — the home has become more humid, and the A/C is struggling to remove moisture while reaching temperature settings. The fact is, there’s nothing wrong with the thermostat; the system is working harder to cool the home for other reasons, and humid air is making you feel warmer.

So if your home temperature doesn’t seem to be comfortable despite what the thermostat says, you probably want to discuss that with your HVAC consultant to explore what the causes might be before you run out and replace the thermostat.

However, if you think your thermostat is on the blink, follow through with the suggestions given below.

Thermostat Troubleshooting

  1. Your thermostat may fail or could be on the blink if it has a weakening power source, such as a blown fuse or dead batteries. Replace the fuse or batteries and see if the performance improves. If the thermostat is wired to the HVAC system, check wires to see if they need tightening or replacing. Also, check the breaker to make sure the current is on.
  2. Check your thermostat for cleanliness. Dirt, pet hair and cigarette smoke can impair its performance over time. Give the interior a careful cleaning to see if it works better.

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