You Should Know These Energy Myths

You Should Know These Energy MythsAre you looking for ways to save energy in your Long Island home? You’re definitely not alone. But, are you aware of all the energy myths that might be holding you down, while increasing your monthly usage and costs? Here are a few myths to watch out for:

Myth: Your game console isn’t using energy when it’s off.

Electronic devices are notorious for using energy whether it’s in use or not. Will it use less energy if it’s off or on sleep mode? Yes. But, the only way to cut its energy usage completely is to unplug it or use a power strip to control power to the unit.

Myth: Keeping your thermostat at the same temperature when you’re gone saves energy.

This should be obvious, but temperature control can be tricky. The truth is, whenever you leave your home, you should adjust the temperature either up or down so that your heating or cooling equipment doesn’t turn on so often. And with a wi-fi thermostat, you can make changes from practically anywhere.

Myth: A small leak in the bathroom or kitchen won’t waste that much water.

We’ve all been in those situations where a faucet either hasn’t been turned off all the way or there’s something wrong with it, resulting in a small “drip drip drip” that’s annoying but doesn’t waste a lot of water. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is absolutely wrong. It doesn’t take long for a tiny leak to add up to huge water usage.

Myth: Solar power isn’t worth the cost.

Any type of “energy revolution” is going to be hard to accomplish, but many homeowners have already realized just how great solar can be for energy savings. Yes, the initial cost is a bit on the high side for many homeowners, but you should look at it as an investment. Once the system has paid for itself, the financial savings will be reaped for many years.

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