Get the Biggest Bang for Your HVAC Buck

Get the Biggest Bang for Your HVAC BuckYour HVAC system plays an important role in making sure your Long Island home feels comfortable all year around. Since these systems cost a considerable amount of money, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting as much as you can out of them and preventing excessive wear and tear. Keep the following tips in mind for getting the most out of your heating and cooling system.

Aim for Energy Efficiency

If you’re planning on investing in a brand new system, getting one that’s energy efficient helps you save money and use less energy overall. Look for products that have an Energy Star label to make sure you’re getting one that meets certain energy efficiency standards. If you have an older system that still runs, consider changing to a newer one this summer, so you’ll reduce energy usage and your cooling bills.

Schedule Maintenance

Getting routine maintenance helps your HVAC system last longer. Without regular maintenance, your system might end up developing major problems that shorten its life span. You might also have problems that are easily preventable, such as problems with coolant, that a technician would be able to catch during an inspection. Keeping a well-maintained heating and cooling system helps you get the most out of it throughout the year without having to deal with unnecessary repairs.

Handle Insulation Issues

Your heating and cooling system might be in great shape, but it won’t be able to heat or cool your home efficiently if it’s poorly insulated. Check the insulation in your home, and add more if needed. You should also look for sources of air leaks, such as ducts and broken seals, and close these up to prevent hot or cold air from escaping. This helps lower the risk of having your HVAC system run more often than it needs to, which saves on wear and tear.

If you need maintenance on your HVAC system or if you need a brand new one, please contact Cool Power. We provide dependable heating and cooling services in the Long Island area.

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