Elements for the Best HVAC Design

Elements for the Best HVAC DesignA residential HVAC system is not just a furnace or air conditioner. It consists of several additional elements that must all work together to ensure proper heating or cooling. The following information will give you a brief introduction to HVAC design and the parts of the system that must be in place for the best efficiency and performance.

Main unit

The main unit of your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump contains the components that produce heating or cooling. In many cases, this unit is installed in your home’s basement or in a separate room. Some air conditioners and heat pumps rely on a main unit that can be installed outdoors. Units must be sized correctly, with enough functional capacity to produce the amount of heating and cooling needed in your home.


The ductwork is the series of metallic pipes that extends from the main unit to the registers at different points throughout your home. The ductwork carries all the heated and cooled air produced by your HVAC system. For this reason, the ductwork should be of the correct size to carry enough air to maintain home comfort. Ducts should also be sealed to prevent air leaks and insulated to stop energy loss.


The thermostat controls when the HVAC system turns off and on and, by doing so, also controls the temperature level in your home. Newer programmable thermostats let you choose when the system runs, for how long, and at what level.

Air returns

The system needs a constant circulation of air to ensure proper performance. Expended air must be brought back to the main unit to be cooled or heated, filtered, and distributed again. Air return ducts, jump ducts, or transfer grilles should be installed to make sure there is enough return air for this process to occur correctly.

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