How Ceiling Fans Affect Energy Efficiency

How Ceiling Fans Affect Energy EfficiencyYour ceiling fans are among your best tools for increasing energy efficiency in your home. Winter or summer, the simple ceiling fan can make a big difference in how much you need to turn the thermostat up or down in order to feel comfortable. Here’s how it works:

Fan Blade Direction

In the summer months, switch your fan blades to run counterclockwise. Running the blades in this direction will help lift warm air toward the ceiling, and stir cooler air from your air conditioner around in the room. As the breeze brushes against the skin, perspiration evaporates and we feel cooler.

In the wintertime, reverse the switch on your ceiling fan so that blades run clockwise. Running them in this direction will help push the warm air from your furnace, which tends to rise to the ceiling, down to the level of the room’s occupants so that they feel warmer.

No matter the season, when you run the ceiling fan in the correct direction, you will feel cooler or warmer without having to turn the thermostat down or up.

Tips for Using the Ceiling Fan Correctly

The main thing to remember when running ceiling fans is that they do not do anyone any good unless he or she is sitting in the room with the fan running. They will not make the temperature cooler or warmer; they only make the occupants feel cooler or warmer. Turn them off when you leave the room, or you’re wasting electricity. What’s more, in the summer, the heat produced by the fan motor will actually contribute to the overall heating of the room — just a small amount, it’s true, but you really should avoid running fans unnecessarily in both seasons.

Keep fan blades clean, as dirt will cause blades to drag as they move through the air. If you notice noises or the fan blades start to wobble, tighten any screws that have come loose.

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