Pet Owners: Know These Plumbing Issues

Pet Owners: Know These Plumbing IssuesIt may seem odd to realize that there is a connection between your pets and your household plumbing. There are, however, important issues to address to ensure that your pet doesn’t damage the plumbing, or that your pet isn’t harmed by a plumbing-related issue. Here are some of the things that pet owners should know:

  • Pet fur clogs drains. If you bathe your pet in the bathtub, remember that any fur the animal sheds is going to go right down the drain. This fur, along with human hair and other drain debris, can clog the tub drain. Install a drain stop or strainer that catches pet fur (and your hair) to keep it out of the drain pipes.
  • Your pet could be harmed by hot water. Put balancing valves on your tubs hot and cold water lines to prevent an accidental scalding when you’re bathing your pet. It could save you from a burn, too.
  • Kitty litter clogs drains. Nothing should be flushed down your toilet except the waste material it was designed to accommodate. Don’t flush kitty litter, even if the brand claims to be flushable.
  • Digging could damage outdoor plumbing. Digging in the yard is a nuisance behavior even at the best of times, but a determined dog could dig deep enough to expose sewer lines, drain pipes, or water supply lines. In the process, these pipes could be damaged by your pets actions, such as chewing. Repairs could become very expensive. If you notice your dog likes to dig, take steps to stop that behavior immediately.
  • Small pets could get into drain pipes. Small pets — hamsters, gerbils, kittens, puppies, snakes — could accidentally get into a drain pipe and become stuck. Rescuing them could be an expensive matter, especially if drain pipes need to be dug up. Cover drain openings where animals could possibly get in.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “G4889166/Pixabay”