Mobile Apps Every Homeowner Needs

Mobile Apps Every Homeowner NeedsApps on our smart devices just keep multiplying. There’s an app for just about everything you can think of, from telling you how many steps you take, to a map of the heavens, night or day, to allowing you complete control of your home appliances and systems.

Fortunately, those million-plus apps, that exist both for Android and iPhone, now include apps that will allow you to control your HVAC and its related functions. Here’s a sampling of just a few mobile apps to choose from:

1. Cooler Temperature/Humidity Control Tracker – This app assists with thermostat control, allowing you to track temperature and humidity. It can be integrated with other temperature control software and tools, such as temperature or humidity sensors. It allows you access to Cloud records to determine what the temperature or humidity were for a certain time.

2. QwikFix A/C – Here’s a home repair guide that walks you through troubleshooting your A/C. The user can learn to identify common problems, then if it’s an easy fix, such as changing a filter, the app helps you do it, or else tells you that you need a licensed repair tech.

3. Fix My A/C – With this app you can troubleshoot and fix minor issues with your air conditioner. It’s a helpful tool to have when the HVAC company can’t get back to you right away, so you can diagnose simple problems and explain what you think is going on when the tech calls.

4. Dealer Mobile Apps – Most dealers now produce apps to go along with their smart HVAC systems. If you’re looking into a replacement, ask about the apps that go along with the system, and see how well the functions can integrate into your lifestyle. Some apps can also help you reach your nearest dealer immediately, help you shop among the dealer’s products and also calculate projected energy costs.

5. Vent apps – Apps are now available with smart vent systems for temperature zoning control throughout your home.

Curious about what other kinds of mobile apps for HVAC systems are out there? Contact Cool Power of Long Island.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “JESHOOTS/Pixabay”