How to Know If Your AC System is Dying

How to Know If Your AC System is DyingWhile you can expect most central air conditioning systems to last 12 to 15 years, some last longer and some give up the ghost earlier, depending on maintenance, usage and other factors. So how can you tell if it’s time to invest in a new AC system in your Long Island home?

Your system’s age.

Determine how long your AC has been operating. If it has passed its first 10 years, it may begin showing signs of its age. If the system makes it to 15 years, start looking for a new system, even if your cooling system appears to be working OK. The savings on energy you’ll achieve when replacing a 2002 system with one manufactured in 2017 should be significant. Energy-efficiency technology has progressed substantially over the last decade.

Reduced efficiency.

If you notice your power bills have been rising, and there’s no other good reason, it could reflect a decline in your aging AC system’s ability to convert energy into cooling. Like any other mechanical system, over time the components of a central cooling system – everything from the air handler to the compressor to the capacitor – will wear down. In a poorly maintained air conditioner, this will happen more quickly than in one that’s been well taken care of. Make sure you have your system looked at, however. It might just need a good maintenance tune-up.

Frequent repairs.

If your older system requires professional service more than twice in a year, this could mean it’s nearing the end of its service life, and it’s time to consider upgrading to a new high-efficiency AC. There comes a point when throwing good money into a failing system no longer makes sense.

When shopping for a new AC system for your home, make sure you go to an HVAC contractor that you trust, one that will provide detailed information on all your options, with regard to cost, energy efficiency and advanced features.

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