Top Benefits of Using an Air Humidifier in the Summer

Top Benefits of Using an Air Humidifier in the SummerYou likely know that it’s beneficial to run an air humidifier during the winter, when humidity declines outdoors and your indoor humidity level falls even further from heating your home. You may not realize that adding moisture to your air is a good option in the summer too, when you have the A/C running all the time.

Why Indoor Air Gets Too Dry in the Summer

Your air conditioner or heat pump cools your home by extracting heat from the indoor air and dispersing it outdoors. As part of the process, it also pulls out moisture and sends it outside through the condensate drain. If your cooling equipment is efficient, it can remove too much moisture and leave you with excessively dry indoor air. Having a whole-house humidifier installed on the HVAC system, that’s controlled via the thermostat, gives you an easy way to add moisture automatically based on the humidity level you select.

Having the ability to boost your indoor humidity when it falls too low can also help:

  • Alleviate health and comfort concerns. With adequate humidity, you’ll experience fewer issues with like dry, itchy skin, brittle hair, nosebleeds, headaches, sore throats and sinus problems. You’ll also reduce the risk of developing colds, the flu and upper respiratory infections, since many of the bacteria and viruses that cause such illnesses flourish when the air is too dry.
  • Safeguard your home, furniture and belongings. Excessively dry air can damage your home and its contents in various ways – drywall and paint can crack and peel, and wood trim and flooring can shrink and warp. It can also dry out the wooden components of your furniture, and ruin books, artwork and musical instruments.
  • Prevent static electricity problems. The painful shocks caused by static electricity are another discomforting symptom of low humidity. What’s worse, though, is that these random electrical shocks can also ruin costly electronic devices equipped with semiconductors, like your computers, televisions, cell phones and gaming consoles.

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