Top Reasons to Thank Your HVAC Technician This Month

Top Reasons to Thank Your HVAC Technician This MonthPerhaps no service professional gets taken for granted as much as HVAC technicians, which is too bad, since they perform an essential and potentially life-saving service in your home. Every year, when June 22 rolls around, if you get the chance, say thanks to your HVAC technician. That day is HVAC Tech Day.

Here are three very good reasons you should thank your heating and cooling professional:


This is perhaps the most obvious reason to show your appreciation on HVAC Tech Day. The heating and cooling system in your home, if it’s properly serviced and maintained, will keep you and your family comfortable all year long, from stifling 90-degree days in July to bone-chilling, below-zero winter days, and every day in between. Not only providing service and maintenance, a trusted and competent HVAC contractor also will set you up with a efficient and effective heating and cooling system, one that will provide comfort for many years into the future.

Energy Efficiency

Experienced, professional HVAC technicians will make sure your heating and cooling system is operating optimally, using as little electricity and fuel (in the case of combustion furnaces) as possible to provide effective comfort in your home. An efficient system not only runs more reliably; it results in lower energy bills. Make sure you schedule professional maintenance once a year on each system, heating and cooling.


When it comes to your family, nothing is as important as their safety. A good HVAC tech will make sure your heating and cooling appliances are operating safely, whether it’s a combustion furnace, heat pump or air conditioner. Carbon monoxide and gas leaks, with a combustion furnace, can create a life-threatening situation for you and your family members. A certified HVAC technician will make sure everything is being vented properly, and that all of the components, pipes, wiring and exhaust flues are correctly installed and maintained according to industry specs.

When June 22 arrives, we’d love to hear some appreciation on HVAC Tech Day. Contact us at Cool Power LLC, providing quality, professional HVAC service to Long Island communities.

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