The Best Time to Replace Your Home’s Furnace

The Best Time to Replace Your Home's FurnaceDid your furnace perform over winter as well as you could have wished? Are you thinking it may be time for a replacement? The good news is now that it’s spring, it’s the HVAC industry’s off season — between the heating and cooling seasons — and a great time to replace a furnace.

Actually, it’s a great time to replace the entire HVAC season, which is often recommended these days. After all, it just doesn’t make sense to install a high-tech, modern furnace with a clunky older model air conditioner when they do, as the major components of the HVAC system, have to share some of the equipment. In these days of high tech HVAC solutions, all the computerized parts must be in sync.

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Get Your Furnace, and Other HVAC Components

Following are just some of the reasons you should be thinking of furnace shopping as soon as you turn yours off in the spring.

Cost. There’s less demand in the spring, so you’re more likely to get a good deal on a furnace. Fold that furnace in with a complete new HVAC system, and the price will be even better. You can also get advice from your HVAC consultant about any rebates that may help cut costs.

Better supply. Less demand translates to a more ample supply. Further, you won’t be in a rush to get your system installed, so you can take your time to shop around and find just the right equipment.

Avoid emergencies. Getting a new system and having it installed in the off season means you won’t be confronted with emergency repairs or even possible replacement in the busy season of winter. You also won’t have to worry about being cold or protecting your household from frigid temperatures if your aging furnace conks out.

Improve efficiency. New systems get more efficient all the time. Choose your system now, have it installed in the down season and by winter you’ll be ready to save on efficiency.

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