The Difference Between Single and Two-Stage Furnaces

The Difference Between Single and Two-Stage Furnaces If you need to replace your heating system, look no further than two-stage furnaces to improve your winter comfort and cut your heating bills. Two-stage systems use technology that lets them run on high and low speeds based on the amount of heating that’s needed.

Such a furnace is ideal in a climate like Long Island’s. Although it’s cold throughout the winter months, arctic cold fronts bring frigid temperatures for days at a time. During more moderate weather, the furnace heats at a slower rate. When the temperatures take a dive, the system automatically uses more fuel to compensate for the higher need for heating.

How They Work

Natural gas and propane fuels enter furnaces through a valve. In a single-stage system, this valve has two settings: open and closed. In a two-stage system, the valve is able to adjust the amount of fuel going into the burner to an amount halfway between open and closed.

Most of the time, the valve runs in its half-open position, but when your home needs more heating, the control panel opens up the valve to its widest position to increase fuel delivery. More fuel burned in the furnace translates to warmer temperatures.

Their Benefits

  • Two-stage furnaces will lower heating bills because they use less fuel most of the time. They avoid the frequent starts and stops that a single-stage furnace does.

    The fuel savings are similar to driving a vehicle at a moderate speed on the highway versus driving at top speed, which guzzles the fuel.

  • Dual-speed systems improve indoor air quality because they run for longer periods and more air passes through the air filter.
  • Comfort increases throughout the house with a two-stage furnace. Because it runs longer, the rooms that were once chilly will warm as evenly as those closer to the blower compartment.

Although two-stage furnaces do cost a bit more, they make up for it in greater comfort, better air quality and lower operating costs throughout the heating season. If you’d like more information, contact Cool Power, LLC, providing trusted HVAC services for Long Island homeowners.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “geralt/Pixabay”