Attic Safety This Summer

Attic Safety This SummerNo one enjoys working in an attic. It’s usually dark, full of unfamiliar hazards and can get stifling hot in the summer. So how do you avoid tripping over wiring, hitting your head against low rafters and any other possible dangers when you have a job to do up there?

Here are the safety tips you should have in mind before going up the ladder or stairs:

Plan Ahead

Just like any other home improvement project, working in the attic starts with preparing beforehand. Keep all the tools you’ll need for the job in a plastic bag or leather pouch you can carry easily. You won’t have to go up and down the ladder or stairs for tools, and you’ll also reduce your chances of falling through the ceiling.

Wear Protective Gear

Wear a mask, goggles or safety glasses, gloves, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt to protect yourself from insulation fibers and dust.

Secure the Work Area

Lay down an old sheet on your work area as well as beneath the attic opening. It will catch the dust and insulation that falls. Next, ensure you have adequate light. If your attic doesn’t have lighting, you’ll need to get a headlamp, portable lamp, or large flashlight to shed light on any potential dangers.

Start Early

Attics become hotter as the day progresses. The more the heat in your attic, the faster you’ll get exhausted and the greater the risk of suffering heat stress. To avoid these heat dangers, start working as early as possible and stop if it gets exceedingly hot.

Watch Out for Hazards

Make sure you’re safe as you work by following these recommendations:

  • Be on the lookout for tripping threats such as extension cords, trash, and nails.
  • Mark any low hanging beams with brightly colored flagging tape or paint.
  • Wear a safety harness.
  • Spread your weight. Don’t put all your weight on just one joist.

With these basic precautions, you’ll accomplish your project safely and easily. To learn more about attic safety, contact us at Cool Power, proudly serving the Long Island area.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “succo/Pixabay”