Solving Common Water Pressure Problems

Solving Common Water Pressure ProblemsWater pressure problems can be tough to deal with. Sometimes it can seem as if there’s really not even enough water flow to take a decent shower, or, you can’t run the dishwasher while you water the lawn. The reasons for lower water pressure can be varied, but here are some of the most common, and what to do about them.

Dealing With Low Water Pressure

  1. Determine if your home is the only one with low water pressure. If your neighbors agree their water pressure is equally as low as yours, then it’s likely a city problem. Inquire with the city what might be done.
  2. If you’re the only one in your neighborhood with low water pressure, then the problem is likely with your home, so you’ll need to isolate the cause. If you are getting lower water pressure from all your faucets, then it could be your pipes have become clogged with lime deposits. This may be a cause of concern if your home and pipes are older than 20 years. The only solution may be to replace the pipes — an expensive proposition.
  3. Check the main valve and make sure it is open all the way so that you’re getting maximum water flow.
  4. If you’re the new owner of your home, determine if the previous owner installed a water pressure reducing valve. If you don’t want it, have a plumber remove it.
  5. Sometimes leaks in the water main can cause low water pressure. Check for leaks in your basement , or wet spots in the yard. You’ll need professional help to correct this problem.
  6. If just one of your faucets is under-performing, it could be because of a clogged aerator. Unscrew the nozzle and if you find buildup, soak it in vinegar and water, or replace it. If this doesn’t correct the problem, you may have a clog in the line to the sink. Again, professional help is recommended. The same procedure goes for a slow showerhead.

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