All About Air Balancing in Your Home

All About Air Balancing in Your HomeDo you keep your home’s heating and cooling equipment well maintained and in good repair, but you’re having difficulties with inconsistent temperatures, excessive humidity and high utility bills? You may not realize these issues can all be traced back to air flow imbalances in your HVAC system.

Rather than simply enduring the effects of poor air balancing, you can have a skilled HVAC professional assess your system and take steps to remedy the underlying causes.

The HVAC Air Balancing Process

Bringing air flow in your HVAC system back into proper balance takes a multi-step process of testing, assessing and making needed improvements in different areas. A technician typically starts by inspecting the ductwork for deficiencies such as loose joints, crushed or damaged sections, disconnections, missing or deteriorated insulation and any other issues causing air leaks. Next, specialized tools are used to perform diagnostic tests and take relevant measurements such as:

  • A manometer to check the static pressure on the return and supply sides of the air distribution system.
  • A flow or balancing hood to measure the volume of air reaching each supply and return register.
  • A hygrometer to measure air temperature and moisture content and identify heat gains/losses and humidity problems.

Based on all the information that’s been gathered and the results of the above tests, a technician determines what the underlying issues are and what steps are necessary to bring airflow into balance in your HVAC system. The necessary measures may include:

  • Changing the speed of your blower fan
  • Adding more return ducts
  • Adjusting your add-on air filtration or air cleaning unit
  • Adding duct dampers or adjusting the existing ones
  • Recharging the air conditioner with refrigerant
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil
  • Fixing deficiencies, then sealing and insulating the ductwork

After making all needed changes, a technician conducts additional tests to verify proper system air flow. When your HVAC system’s airflow is back in balance, you’ll see an improvement in temperature and humidity control and a boost in energy efficiency.

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