Furnace on the Fritz? Use These Troubleshooting Tips

Furnace on the Fritz? Use These Troubleshooting TipsHaving your furnace go on the fritz is always stressful, whether it quits completely or there’s less warm air coming from the registers. Fortunately, many furnace glitches are easily fixed if you know what to do. So before you call in an HVAC pro, give the tips on this furnace troubleshooting checklist a try.

Is the Thermostat Unresponsive?

If you have a digital or programmable thermostat that isn’t lit, it may just need new batteries. With a manual or dial-type model, dirty contacts may be the culprit, so remove the cover and gently clean them.

Are the Thermostat Settings Correct?

First, check that the fan is set on “auto” and that the thermostat is set on “heat.” Then, make certain that the temperature setting is lower than the actual room temperature shown so the thermostat can signal the furnace.

Is the Furnace Getting Power?

Many furnace shutoff switches look a lot like regular light switches, so check yours to see if someone shut it off accidentally. The switch may be situated in a stairwell or utility closet, or on a wall close to the furnace.

Has a Fuse Blown or a Breaker Tripped?

If the furnace won’t cycle on, find its breaker in your electrical panel and reset it. If the main breaker is fine, check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse inside the furnace’s blower compartment.

Is Fuel Reaching the Burner?

Although it’s a rare occurrence, it’s possible that the flow of fuel was accidentally shut off at the valve. To check, trace the fuel line from the furnace to the shutoff and ensure that the red handle is parallel to the gas line or in the “on” position.

Is the Furnace Filter Clogged?

If there’s a drop in warm air output at your registers, check the furnace filter and replace it if it’s dirty. A badly-clogged filter can also cause a furnace shutdown if it restricts airflow enough to trip the system’s high limit safety switch.

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