Want to Save Money and Sleep Better? Turn Down the Temperature

Want to Save Money and Sleep Better? Turn Down the TemperatureWinter’s frigid temperatures can cause heating bills to skyrocket. There are steps to counter this and experience lower heating bills, however. One of the simplest steps also has positive consequences to your health through better sleep. Here is why turning down the thermostat can bring more restful sleep and save energy.

Getting Better Sleep

The body uses sleep as a time for healing and rejuvenating, and keeping your sleeping area at the right temperature facilitates restful slumber. Your perfect sleeping temperature might vary from that of your neighbor, but most people rest better when ambient temperatures are maintained several degrees lower than what you’d normally keep the thermostat at during the day.

Try adjusting your thermostat a few degrees below 70 in the late evening before bed and see how it affects your sleep. Keep an extra blanket nearby to avoid getting too chilled and to avoid turning the thermostat back up during the night. Once you find the best lower temperature for you, you will experience healthier rest and lower energy bills.

Saving Money

Turning down the thermostat is among the simplest things you can do to save money during the winter months. Lowering the heat just one or two degrees can save you money on your heating bill, but aim for as low as you can comfortably get. Many households can get by with turning it down to 65 when it is occupied during the day and lower than that during the evening for even more savings.

Saving energy is even easier if you install a programmable thermostat. These simplify your life by automatically adjusting the temperature at specific times for the most efficiency. You can save up to 10 percent on your heating bill just by lowering the temperature from 70 degrees to 60 while you are at work, for example. With a programmable thermostat, you are in control of the programming but you don’t have to worry about remembering to adjust the thermostat every day.

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