How to Speak the Lingo of HVAC Heating Season

How to Speak the Lingo of HVAC Heating SeasonIt’s winter on Long Island, and if you’re lucky, your home’s heating system will work fine through the cold months. Yet, some basic HVAC knowledge will help you handle any problems that may arise, perform routine maintenance, and take steps to save energy. Following are some basic heating season concepts:

Energy efficiency

Anything you can do to enhance the energy efficiency of your home’s heating system will translate into lower heating bills. Seasonal maintenance and routine homeowner maintenance on heating equipment both are essential in the pursuit of optimum energy efficiency. If you have an older furnace or heat pump, consider upgrading to a new, high-efficiency model. While you’ll pay more upfront, your heating bills will be lower throughout the life of the equipment.

Home weatherization

Your HVAC system will have an easier time heating (and cooling) your home if the house is tightly sealed against air leaks and has the right type and amount of insulation in the correct locations. A professional energy audit is one way to determine the energy efficiency of your home, and help determine how to reduce energy waste.


A properly set programmable thermostat will adjust temperatures to fit your daily and weekly schedule. Temperatures will be programmed at a much lower level when nobody’s home during weekdays, and several degrees lower at night when the household is asleep.

Air filter

The filter, while small and inexpensive, has an important role to play in your HVAC system. It keeps dirty and dust from coating sensitive heating and cooling equipment, and enhances indoor air quality by removing contaminants from the air before it circulates in the home. Check the filter every month and change as needed.

Ducts and vents

The network of ducts, vents and registers in your home delivers conditioned air to every room in your home, then routes spent air back to the HVAC equipment. Ductwork should be kept clean and tightly sealed.

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