Are Space Heaters Risky for Your Home Safety?

Are Space Heaters Risky for Your Home Safety?During the Long Island winters, it’s important to be able to heat your home properly. Often, it’s easier and more economical to invest in a space heater than to use central air. However, there are also plenty of stories about these devices overheating, causing fires, and more. Are space heaters safe? They are, as long as you use them properly.

Types of Space Heaters

Combustion heaters burn fuel, such as propane or kerosene, in order to produce heat. If you’re using it indoors, these types should always be vented, and positioned where harmful carbon monoxide gas can be easily eliminated. A sealed combustion heater is best in this regard, as it’s less likely to backdraft.

You can also get an electric space heater. These use more energy, but are safer in many ways. They don’t impact your air quality or require venting. However, they can pose other risks. If not operated properly, they can be a fire hazard and run the risk of overheating. Exercise caution.

Space Heater Safety

  • Keep your heater at least three feet from anything flammable. This includes keeping it on a rug or carpet. Don’t try to dry wet clothes on your heater, either, and keep pets away from it.
  • For combustion heaters, only use the properly designated fuel. Don’t overfill it, and don’t try to put the fuel in until the unit has completely cooled.
  • For electric heaters, only plug them directly into the wall. Don’t use extension cords or power strips, as they can overheat.
  • Newer models have improved safety features, such as switches that automatically turn the unit off if it’s knocked over. Check to make sure your heater has all necessary safety features before buying.
  • Many standard HVAC rules apply to space heaters as well. For example, be sure to get the right size for the room, to keep you comfortable without overheating. And get a model with a thermostat, to control the heat in the room, saving energy.

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