Winter Safety Precautions for Your Long Island Home

Winter Safety Precautions for Your Long Island HomeWhen the winter weather arrives on Long Island, many homeowners tend to worry more about keeping their heating bills under control. It’s also equally important to take the necessary measures to do so safely. The winter weather comes with certain safety hazards that can be dangerous if neglected. Keep your home warm and safe with these winter home safety tips.

  • Preseason maintenance — Have your heating system serviced by a professional before winter begins to ensure it’s clean, operating efficiently, and properly vented outside to prevent carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
  • Air filter — If you have a forced-air system, change the filter to make sure it works efficiently during winter.
  • Clean heating area — Keep anything that’s flammable or can restrict airflow away from heat sources.
  • Fireplace — Have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional at the beginning of the cold season. Buildup inside it can cause a fire. Cover your fireplace with a sturdy screen to guard the room against sparks and embers. Build your fire with seasoned woods. Don’t burn coated or glossy papers because they may release chemicals into your home’s air.
  • Space heaters — Place all items at least three feet from these heaters. Turn them off when going to bed or leaving the house. A fire may have started and caused damage by the time you wake up or return home.
  • Oven heat — Don’t use your oven to warm your home because it’s not designed to run for long periods.
  • Safety devices — Lower the risk of fires, property damage, and CO poisoning by having a fire extinguisher and installing smoke and CO detectors. Make sure the detectors are operating properly. Check their batteries regularly and replace them if needed.
  • Fire escape plan — Make an escape plan for fire emergencies and review it regularly with your family.

By taking the precautionary measures above, you’ll make your home not only safe but also efficient and comfortable. To get more winter home safety tips, please contact us at Cool Power. We’ve been proudly serving the Long Island area since 1976.

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