Signs Your Ductwork is Too Old

Signs Your Ductwork is Too OldThe ductwork is a key component of a forced-air HVAC system, but it’s something that many homeowners don’t think about often since it’s out of sight. When your ductwork starts to develop age-related problems, you can experience a gradual loss of HVAC system efficiency and an increase in your energy consumption. Old ductwork that’s in poor condition can also cause comfort and air quality issues in your home.

Telltale Warning Signs of Aging Ducts

Here are a few of the signs that indicate your older ductwork is in need of replacement:

  • Flawed design. If your duct system is more than 15 years old, it likely wasn’t designed based on Manual D calculations. Today, HVAC professionals understand that these calculations are essential to determine the correct duct layout and sizing to achieve balanced airflow in a home.
  • High energy bills. If your energy bills are climbing even though you keep the HVAC system properly maintained and your usage hasn’t increased, worsening conditioned air loss due to ductwork deterioration may be the cause.
  • Visible signs of damage and decay. In most homes, there are sections of the duct system that can be accessed and examined. To see if yours is deteriorating, check any exposed ductwork that runs through unfinished areas like the basement, crawl space and attic. Signs that your ducting may need replacement include gaps, holes, disconnected or crushed sections, missing or torn insulation, or rusted metal.
  • Poor air quality. If your return ducts are in bad shape, it’s easy for unhealthy and harmful contaminants to get your air distribution system. The resulting decline in air quality from contaminants like dust, mold, pollen, pest and insect droppings or insulation fibers can cause allergic reactions and worsen respiratory problems like asthma.
  • Inconsistent comfort. Age-related leaks and deterioration in the duct system can affect how much conditioned air arrives at the registers in different rooms, and make it hard to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your home.

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