Lower Energy Bills: The Perfect Gift This Season

Lower Energy Bills: The Perfect Gift This SeasonWith the holiday season right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to give yourself the gift of lower energy bills. Here are some effective ways to reduce your household consumption and save money this season:

Seal Air Leaks in the Exterior Envelope

To keep out cold air so your home stays cozy and warm, apply caulk around exterior doors and windows frames, and install weatherstripping and sweeps on all exterior doors. Use caulk or expandable spray foam insulation to plug holes and gaps along the sill plate, wherever different building components meet, and around penetrations for plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, gas lines and exhaust vents.

Make Daily Thermostat Setbacks

Keep your thermostat temperature setting as low as possible when you’re home and active, and dial back the setting 10–15 degrees before you leave for work or head off to bed. Investing in a programmable thermostat can make it effortless to schedule daily 8-hour setbacks and help lower your energy consumption.

Curb High Water Heating Costs

Operating your hot water heater accounts for up to 18 percent of your total household energy consumption, but you can reduce this by lowering its thermostat setting to 120 degrees. If your tank is older, you can also install an insulated water heater blanket to save even more energy.

Keep Your Heating System Running Efficiently

If you haven’t done so already, schedule heating system maintenance with your HVAC pro to ensure that it’s working at optimal efficiency this season. To maintain maximum efficiency, check the furnace filter every month, and replace it as needed or at least every three months.

Stops Drafts Around Windows

Even if you’re not planning to upgrade your older windows, you can take steps to stop air leaks like purchasing a window film kit and sealing the plastic film snugly around the frame. You can also invest in storm windows for your home’s exterior, and install energy efficient window treatments to limit heat loss and boost your comfort.

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